In Office 2003 there was a reminder bell icon that would be displayed when you scheduled appointments. The bell was not available in Office 2007, but here we look at how you can enable it in Outlook 2010.

If you’re still using Outlook 2003 you’re probably familiar with the Reminder Bell icon.

Enable Reminder Bell in Outlook 2010

To enable the bell in Outlook 2010 click on the File tab, then Options.

When the Outlook Options screen comes up, select Calendar and scroll down to Calendar options and check Show bell icon on the calendar for appointments and meetings with Reminders…click OK.

Now when you look at your appointments and meetings you have the Reminder Bell icon back.

If you’re a fan of having the Reminder Bell icon displayed on your scheduled events in Outlook, and missed it in 2007, it’s good to know it’s easy to get back in 2010.