If the receipt for a flight or hotel is sent to your Gmail account, an appointment is automatically added to Google Calendar. Some people find this useful; some people find it annoying; some people find it downright creepy. If you’re more in the second or third camp than the first, good news: you can disable this feature entirely.

But don’t bother searching Gmail for this setting: you won’t find it. Instead, you’ll need to open up Google Calendar. We’ll also explain how to share those automatically added items with your friends, if you’ve shared your calendar. By default, such items are completely private.

Disable Gmail Events on Your Laptop or Desktop

Open Google Calendar in your browser, then click the gear icon at top-right. Next, click the “Settings” option.

This will bring you to the settings for your Google calendar account. On the “General” tab, look for the “Events from Gmail” section.

To stop the items from being added at all, simply turn off the “Add automatically” option.

Just like that, your Gmail items will stop being added to your Google Calendar.

Disable Gmail Events on Mobile Devices

You can also toggle this setting from your mobile device. The following instructions are for Android, but the method should be the same for iPhone and iPad.

In the Google Calendar app, open the sidebar and tap the “Settings” option.

On the “Settings” page, tap the “Events from Gmail” button.

On the “Events from Gmail” page just turn off the “Add events from Gmail” option.

Pay attention if you’ve got multiple Gmail accounts: there is a separate section for each account here. Disable whichever you want, and Google Calendar will stop scraping Gmail for events to add to your calendar.

Configure Who Can See Your Gmail Events

If you’re like me, you’ve shared your calendar with family, so they can see what’s up in your life. You might assume they can see your Gmail-added items, but they can’t. By default, only you can see these items. If you’d like to change this, head to the same settings panel as above, this time paying attention to the “Visibility” options.

Select “Calendar default” to have your Gmail events follow the privacy settings of your calendar. Choose “Private,” and only people you’ve specifically shared the calendar with will be able to see these events. Note that unless you share your calendar with the public, these two settings are effectively the same. If you do share your calendar with the public, then the “Calendar default” option will let the public see events from Gmail.

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