Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have a way to share other people’s posts publicly on your own account. This is pretty annoying if, for example, you want to repost a photo that your partner has posted to their account.

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For whatever reason, Instagram only lets you share other people’s posts privately through direct messages. Thankfully, while Instagram is ignoring an obvious need, third party apps have stepped up to add the feature. Our favorite of them is Repost (iOS, Android) because it’s got a great free version that only adds a small watermark with the name of the account you’re sharing the post from. There’s also a Pro upgrade for $4.99 that let’s you post photos without a watermark and removes the in-app ads but it’s not necessary.

To use Repost, you need the share URL of the Instagram post you want to share. Open Instagram and head to the post you want to share. Tap the three dots in the top right of the post and then select Copy Share URL.

Next, open the Repost app. The post you want to share will be imported and listed in the “New” section. You don’t even have to paste it there.

Tap the post to continue. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to reposition and change the color of the watermark.

When you’re ready to share the post, tap the “Repost” button. On the popup sharing menu, select “Copy to Instagram.” This opens the post in Instagram’s editor.

Add a filter or just tap “Next.” In addition to importing the image, Repost also copies the original caption to your clipboard. To add it to your repost, just paste the clipboard into the “Add Caption” box.

Finally, to repost the image, tap “Share” and the image will be reposted from your account.

Sharing other people’s content on your own page is a big part of most social media sites; it’s shocking that Instagram hasn’t added the feature yet. With Repost, at least, there’s a great workaround.

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