There are lots of reasons you might want multiple Instagram accounts. Maybe you need one for your personal life and one for your business. Or maybe you and your partner share a device, but want to post photos to your own accounts. Here’s how to do it.

Unlike Facebook, which is tied to your real identity, you can set up an account for anything on Instagram. And until last year, if you wanted to use more than one Instagram account on your phone, you had to log out of the first and then log in to the second. It was very inconvenient. Thankfully, Instagram has now added the ability to switch between different accounts in the app. Let’s look at how.

Set Up a Second Account

Open Instagram and head to your profile page. Tap the gear icon in the top right to get to the “Options” screen.

On the “Options” screen, scroll down to the bottom and tap “Add Account.”

And then just log in to your other account.

Switch Between Accounts

Now you’ve got two Instagram accounts set up on your phone. To switch between them, on your profile page, tap your username or the arrow next to it. From the dropdown, select the account you want to use.

And if you have additional accounts, set them up the same way. You’ll then be able to switch quickly and easily between all your Instagram accounts.

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All though Instagram started out as a simple filter app, it’s now pretty powerful with a lot of hidden features. Having multiple accounts is just one of them.

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