Facebook, as a social network, is a bit crazy. You’re interacting with hundreds of people at the same time; your main connection being that you’ve probably met them at least once. Unless you have your page locked down, everyone from your “psychic” aunt to your high school buddies are free to weigh in on everything you say.

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Perhaps you’ve posted something and realized that it wasn’t what you should be shouting to everyone in your extended contact list, or maybe you just want to remove some bad photos from when you thought bleached blonde hair with a pink fringe was the height of fashion. Whatever the reason, here’s how to remove a post from your Facebook page.

Facebook is really consistent across all devices, so the same method works on the web and mobile apps. Head to Facebook and find the post you want to remove. Click or tap on the downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the post.

Select Delete from the menu that appears.

Finally, click or tap Delete again in the confirmation dialogue.

The post will now be removed from your Timeline as well as your friends’ Newsfeeds. Even if the post has been shared by your friends; the linked post on their page will be unavailable to their friends going forward.

Remember, this doesn’t protect you from copy and pasting, screenshots, or any other way people can record posts; once you post it online, there’s a chance it will be recorded somewhere.

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