You want to find specific information from a given website, but it doesn’t offer search. Or maybe its internal search feature is just plain awful. What can you do?

There’s a simple way to search any website, using any search engine—Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or even Yahoo (which apparently still exists.) It works in every browser as well.

Head to your search engine of choice, or the search bar in your browser, then type what you want to find, just like you normally would. But here’s the trick: before or after your query, type site: followed by the domain of the site you want to search within. So, if you wanted to search for macOS articles at, you should search for:


As you can see, there’s a variety of quality articles about everyone’s favorite operating system. And this works in every search engine: here it is in Bing.

It’s really this simple! You just need to remember site: followed by the domain name you want to search. It’s one of those Google power user tricks or Bing advanced search operators that make exploring the internet a lot easier, so keep it in mind.

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Oh, and if you’ve set up search keywords in your browser, know that you can use this trick to set up search keywords for any site, even if they don’t offer a search function. Just search for something, then copy the URL for use when you create your keyword.

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