The PlayStation 4 Pro has a lot of benefits over its predecessor, like a significantly faster GPU—an update that was basically required in order for the console to push 4K content. But what about older games—shouldn’t they be able to take advantage of this increased performance, too?

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In a nutshell, that’s exactly what Boost Mode does: it allows older titles—ones that haven’t yet been updated specifically for the PS4 Pro—to take advantage of the system’s increased power to run faster and smoother.

What Is Boost Mode?

While the PS4 Pro’s CPU is basically the same as the older model (and the new Slim model), the GPU is much faster, and the RAM is up to 24 percent faster too. New games will automatically take advantage of this increased power, but if you’re a longtime PlayStation gamer, you likely have a catalog of games that were released long before the Pro hit the scene.

The thing is, many modern games were starting to push the original PlayStation 4 beyond its limits. Some games are known to run as low as 15 fps (frames per second) on the PS4’s aging hardware, which is, by most standards, borderline unplayable. Knowing this, Sony built a feature exclusive to the PS4 Pro that would allow most older games to simply run faster and smoother by utilizing this improved hardware.

Many games that struggled to hit 30 fps on the original PS4 will chug along at a buttery-smooth 60 fps with Boost Mode enabled. The aforementioned 15 fps games should easily be able to hit 30 fps. Sony even says that load times may be decreased (which I’d actually attribute more to the faster RAM than GPU), and that’s always a bonus.

Of course, with this sort of tweak there can be unwanted side effects. Sony notes this in the Boost Mode toggle, which basically says if you experience anything weird in some games to turn it off. I haven’t personally had any issues, but it’s worth keeping in mind anyway.

In a nutshell, if you have a PS4 Pro, this is a feature you want enabled. And if you’re teetering on the fence when it comes to investing in Sony’s newest console, Boost Mode is, at least in this writer’s opinion, a huge plus in the “do it” column. Boost Mode rules.

How to Enable Boost Mode

This feature isn’t enabled by default on the Pro (likely to cover Sony’s behind if it ever does cause problems with a game), so here’s how to make sure it’s activated on your system.

First, make sure your Pro is up to date before looking for this feature. Boost Mode was introduced in the 4.50 update, so you’ll want to be running that version or later of the PlayStation software.

Then, jump into your Pro’s Settings menu. It’s the suitcase-looking icon in the Action Bar.

From there, scroll all the way down to the System entry—it’s near the bottom.

Boost Mode is a check box a little ways down the screen. Toggle it to on.

Boom—that’s it. Enjoy your newly smoothed-out games.

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