How to Use Roku Feed to Keep Up with New Episodes of Your Shows

When DVR users want to catch up on their favorite shows, they head to the recordings section, and everything is in one place. Cord cutters don’t have that luxury: some shows are on Hulu, others are on Amazon, and many are offered only on the website for a particular TV channel.

Roku solves this problem with “My Feed,” a section of the home screen that notifies you when new episodes of a show you follow are available on a channel you’ve installed. You can also use it to find out when a movie you want to see is available for streaming. Many Roku users ignore this feature entirely, and that’s too bad: it makes discovering what’s on where a lot easier.

We already showed you how to search every streaming service with your Roku, and that’s the easiest way to add a show or movie to your feed. Start a search using the voice search button on your remote, or using the “Search” function in the sidebar if your remote doesn’t offer voice search.

You can browse seasons to stream and purchase from here, or you can scroll down to the “Follow on Roku” option at the bottom of the list.

Select this option and you’ll be shown which of your channels support the feature.

Select “OK” and you’re officially following the show. Every time a new episode is available somewhere, you’ll be notified in the “My Feed” section.

Click any notification and you’ll see where the latest episode is offered.

As you can see, the latest episode of The Americans is available to cable subscribers from FXNow, or for sale at two sites for $2.

If you’d rather not search for a bunch of shows and movies to follow, the feed offers a few selections by default. Head to My Feed on the home screen, and check out one of the default sections. If you head to “Movies Coming Soon” you’ll see a list of films currently in theaters.

Follow these now, and you’ll find out when they’re available to watch on your Roku.

This is by no means a perfect system, but it’s a decent way to find out when something you want to see is available. Add a bunch of shows and movies now, so you can stumble upon them later.

Justin Pot is a staff writer for How-To Geek, and a technology enthusiast who lives in Hillsboro, Oregon. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, if you want. You don't have to.