How to Rearrange Your Instagram Filters (and Hide the Ones You Don’t Like)

Instagram’s an awesome app for editing and sharing images. With 40 filters to choose from, you have a lot of options. The problem is, those 40 filters are also annoying to wade through when searching for your favorite filter.

Luckily, Instagram lets you rearrange your filters so the ones you use most are always close at hand. You can even hide any filters you don’t ever want to use (ahem, Toaster). Let’s look at how.

With a photo open and on the filters screen, scroll all the way through your filters until you get to the Manage option—it’s not a weird filter but the settings!

To hide a filter, tap the little circle on the far right. Below, I’ve turned off Gingham.

To rearrange the filters, grab the handle on the far left and drag the filter to the position you want.

You can also rearrange or hide your filters directly from the filters screen. Tap and hold on a filter to move it around. Drag it to the spot it says Drag to Hide to hide the filter. You can always turn it back on again from the Manage menu.

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