Google Wi-Fi is similar to other mesh Wi-Fi systems, but one big feature separates it from the pack: Google On.Here.

What Is On.Here?

In the simplest of terms, On.Here is a web interface that you can access in order to control smarthome devices without needing an app or even signing up for an account.

Anyone who is connected to your Google Wi-Fi network (even guests) can type “On.Here” into their web browser of choice (either on a phone, tablet, or computer) and instantly control smarthome devices. Unfortunately, only Philips Hue lights are supported right now, and the features aren’t incredible or anything, but it’s at least a quick and easy way for others in the house to control the lights. Hopefully other devices will be added by Google soon.

How to Set Up On.Here

Before we start, make sure that you’re connected to your Google Wi-Fi network and that your Philips Hue Bridge is connected to a Google Wi-Fi unit via ethernet.

To set this up, you won’t actually do it from the Google Wi-Fi app, but from the web browser. So open up your web browser of choice and go to On.Here. Once there, you’ll get to a screen that will allow you to pair your Philips Hue Bridge. Tap on “Pair” in the lower-right corner.

Next, press the big round button on the top of the Hue Bridge, as instructed.

Give it a few moments and eventually the Hue Bridge will successfully pair with your Google Wi-Fi network. Hit “Done” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You’ll then be taken to the main On.Here screen, where you’ll see all of your Philips Hue lights listed.

Scroll down and tap on a light that you want to control.

A new screen will pop up that lets you turn the light on and off by tapping on the round button in the center. You can also tap, hold, and drag on the outer ring to adjust the light’s brightness.

Unfortunately, if you set up different rooms from within the Philips Hue app, they won’t appear in On.Here—Hue lights will only show up as individual bulbs, but you can tap on “All Lights” at the top to control all of the Hue lights at once.

As we mentioned, it’s not that feature-packed right now, and only Philips Hue is supported at the moment. Hopefully, On.Here continues to grow and more smarthome devices are supported in the near future.

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