How to Prioritize a Certain Device on Your Google WiFi Network

When you have a large handful of devices connected to your network, it can be difficult to get the speeds you need to play online games or download media. However, with Google WiFi, you can prioritize a device to get the best speeds possible on an otherwise crowded network.

Granted, you can do this on most traditional routers as well, but it’s certainly not as simple and easy as it is using Google WiFi.

Start by opening up the Google WiFi app on your phone and tap on the tab with the settings gear icon and three other circles.

Tap on “Priority Device”.

Select the device that you want to prioritize by tapping on it.

By default, it will be prioritized for one hour, but you can tap on “Change Time” to select a different time frame.

You can select from 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours at the bottom.

Next, hit “Save” up in the top-right corner.

You’ll be taken back to the main settings page, but if you want to manually end the prioritization, you can go back into the Priority Device menu and tap on “End”.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t say exactly how much prioritization devices have, or how much other devices on the network would suffer from throttled speeds. But if you’re planning on watching some Netflix or playing an online game with some friends, this feature should help you get the best speeds possible on that device.

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