The markup system in macOS is pretty cool, whether you’re using Preview, Mail, or Photos. But, did you know you can mark up image attachments in Notes as well?


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Marking up image attachments is a great way to spur creativity through note collaboration. Let’s say you’ve created a note and shared it with a couple select friends, calling upon them to come up with their most artistic contributions for so-called CRAZY CATS!

How then might they go about doing this? Easy, using the mark up tools quietly tucked away in the Notes application.

First, click on the little dropdown arrow in the upper-right corner of the image and then click “Markup”.

What results is a separate window that might look familiar if you’ve marked up anything in Photos or Mail.

Let’s go through the tools just the same and explain what you can do.

The far left tool is the Sketch tool. Use it to draw lines and other simple figures on your images.

The Shapes tool is pretty self-explanatory. You get standard squares, circles, text bubbles, and more.

The bottom two tools on the Shapes menu are somewhat unrelated. The bottom-left tool lets you create a frame around the image while the right tool allows you to magnify parts of the image.

The text tool is for adding text to your images. Easy enough.

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Finally, there’s the Signature tool. Chances are, you won’t use this tool on very many Notes images unless it’s actually something that requires it. In such a case, it might be easier to use Preview.

To the right of the markup tools, you will find four customization options that you can apply to your markups.

You can define line thickness and style.

The color of a shape’s outline and fill, or if it even has an outline or fill.

Finally, the last option will let you customize how your text appears, including size, color, font, and more.

When you’re finished (and hopefully you have a little more artistic creativity), you can click “Done” in the upper-right corner.

Markups aren’t permanent. If you want to change anything, just access the tools again and alter your image further.

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As we stated earlier, one of the more attractive aspects of marking up image attachments is the ability to do so through collaboration. Getting a couple of friends or colleagues involved can really generate some happy, creative, not to mention fun, moments.

That said, it works just as well if you’re marking something up solo, the only limit really is your imagination.

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