You’re watching a movie late at night. Your family is asleep. You can’t hear the dialogue during a key scene, so you turn up the volume, only for an unexpected explosion to wake up the entire house. Isn’t there some way to prevent this?

If you own a Roku Premier, Premier+, or Ultra, the Night Listening feature can level out audio levels for you. This makes explosions softer and conversations louder, so that you don’t have to constantly change the volume when explosions are too loud. (You could just go to bed, but come on, we both know that won’t happen.)

There are two ways to enable night listening. The first can be found, starting from the home screen, at Settings > Audio > Night Listening Mode.

From here you can toggle the feature on and off.

If you’re already watching something, and want to quickly turn Night Listening on, simply press the “*” button on your Roku remote. You’ll find the Night Listening feature list in a pop-up panel on the left of the screen.

Toggling the feature here isn’t specific to the video your watching: it changes the system-wide setting. If you want to watch something with normal audio levels tomorrow you’ll have to switch this back.

And you should turn it off, because Night Listening isn’t a feature you want on constantly. Volume swings add a lot to the drama of a movie, and Night Listening diminishes that.

Still, it’s perfect for the late night TV binge. And what else are you going to do late at night, you insomniac? Exactly.

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