Now that IE 9 Beta has been out for a while, and you’ve had time to explore it, you might want to import bookmarks from other browsers. Here take a look at how to get it done in IE 9 Beta.

Import Firefox Bookmarks

For this we’re using Firefox 3.6.10 and IE 9 Beta 64-bit.

First we’ll take a look at importing your Firefox bookmarks to IE 9 Beta. First open Firefox and and the Toolbar go to Bookmarks \ Organize Bookmarks.

Expand Import and Backup and select Export HTML.

Then export your Firefox bookmark collection to a convenient location on your hard drive.

Next open IE 9 Beta and hit Alt+T to bring up the Toolbar. Then click File \ Import and export.

In the Import/Export Settings select Import form a file. Notice there is Import from another browser, however we weren’t able to get it to work in our tests on our Windows 64-bit system…more on that in a minute.

Decide what you want to import, you can import Feeds and Cookies as well, but for this we just want the Bookmarks or Favorites as their called in IE.

Now browse to the location where you saved the exported Firefox bookmarks previously.

Select the destination for them…and click Import.

It should only take a second or two and there you are! All of your Firefox favorites are not in IE 9 beta.

Note: Remember we tried to import bookmarks directly from another browser in the tools in IE 9, however, when we tried it with IE 9 32 or 64-bit on our Windows 7 x64 or x86 system we received the following error each time. This is why we needed to export the bookmarks file from Firefox and not import them directly between browsers. Remember IE 9 is still in beta and hopefully this issue will be addressed in the final release.

Import Google Chrome Bookmarks

Importing Chrome bookmarks to IE 9 beta is essentially the same. Open Chrome and click on the wrench icon and select Bookmarks manager.

When the Bookmarks manager opens click on Organize \ Export bookmarks.

Export the Chrome bookmarks to a convenient location on your computer and close out of Chrome. Next open up IE 9 Beta and hit Alt+T to display the Toolbar and go to File \ Import and export.

Again select Import from a file and hit Next.

Select Favorites and hit Next.

Browse to the location where you saved your Chrome bookmarks and hit Next.

Select the destination folder and click Import.

Now you will have your Google Chrome bookmarks available in IE 9 Beta.

If you are an early adopter and started using IE 9 Beta, more than likely you’ll want to get your bookmarks from Chrome or Firefox transferred to it. Hopefully once the final release of IE 9 comes out, we’ll be able to easily import them directly from other browsers.

If you haven’t tried out IE 9 Beta, check out our screen shot tour.