Needing a small but effective app for shredding files on your computer system?  Now you can have small and effective with Moo0 File Shredder.

At Startup

When Moo0 File Shredder first starts up, it will be in minimized mode (default). It is recommended to click on “Detailed Description” to keep Moo0 File Shredder in expanded window form and to help you better choose the appropriate level of shredding needed.

Moo0 File Shredder has a very convenient drop down menu to allow you to select the level of shredding that best suits your needs. Each shredding level will display exactly what is done with the file while shredding it.

The Different Levels of Shredding

Here you can see the first of the four shredding levels available in Moo0 File Shredder. With the “Shred Once” option, there is still a possibility of recovery, so if you have something that you want to be unrecoverable, this is probably not the setting that you want.

Notice the increase (a little over three times the basic level) in what is done to shred a file with the “Extra Carefully (More Secure)” setting. Already at the first Department of Defense level (nice!).

Once again, another large increase (over double the amount) from the previous setting. The “Into Ashes (Very Secure)” setting is looking really nice!

The “Vaporize (Vanish it!)” setting is the toughest setting of all in Moo0 File Shredder. Notice just what it will do with the file to ensure that it is properly disposed of. This setting is all about ultimate file shredding!

Here is a quick look at the View Menu…

Moo0 File Shredder in Action

Here you can get a quick look at Moo0 File Shredder in action. This little app works quickly even on the “Vaporize (Vanish it!)” setting.


Moo0 File Shredder is a wonderful small app that does one thing and does it well. No more need for you to have or get a more complicated app to shred those files!


Download Moo0 File Shredder (version 1.00)

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