In LibreOffice programs, you can undo one action after another…to a point. The default number of actions you can undo is 100, but that number is easy to change.

The Undo button on the toolbar allows you to select multiple actions to undo at once, as pictured above. Most people don’t need that many undo actions to be stored in memory, and the stored undo actions for a document are cleared when you close it anyway. Lowering the number of actions you can undo can free up some memory and improve the performance of LibreOffice.

To change the number of actions you can undo, you will change a setting in the Expert Configuration preferences. Most of the settings in the Expert Configuration preferences are not available on the toolbars, menus, or the Options dialog box.

NOTE: The Expert Configuration dialog lets you access, edit and save configuration preferences that can harm your LibreOffice user profile. Some Expert Configuration preferences can make your LibreOffice user profile unstable, inconsistent, or even unusable. These preferences do not modify the LibreOffice programs themselves; however, you should be very careful when making changes to these preferences.

The Expert Configuration preferences are accessed through the program options, so open any LibreOffice program, such as Writer, and go to Tools > Options.

On the Options dialog box, click “Advanced” under LibreOffice in the tree structure on the left.

On the right side of the dialog box, towards the bottom, click “Open Expert Configuration”.

In the list of preferences on the Expert Configuration dialog box, double-click on “org.openoffice.Office.Common”. Then, double-click on the “Undo” heading under org.openoffice.Office.Common and select “Undo” under that heading.

As we mentioned, the default number of maximum undo actions is 100. To change this, either double-click on the selected Undo line or click “Edit”.

Change the number in the “Value” box and click “OK”. We lowered the value to 50.

Click “OK” to accept the change and close the Expert Configuration dialog box.

You are returned to the Options dialog box. Click “OK” to close it.

The storage of undo actions will now use fewer resources, but you will still be able to undo multiple actions at once.

You can access all the Expert Configuration preferences in all the LibreOffice programs. Some of the preferences are for specific programs, and some apply to all of them. The “Undo” Expert Configuration preference is common to all LibreOffice programs, so changing it in one program will affect all the other programs as well.

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