Word processing programs have rulers that help you position elements in your documents, such as text, graphics, and tables. LibreOffice displays the horizontal ruler by default and has a vertical ruler available for display. We’ll show you how to show and hide both rulers.

Hiding the rulers gives you a bit more space for working on your document, which is useful if you’re using a small screen. When you’re not using the rulers, you can easily hide them, and then show them again when needed.

To show or hide the rulers, go to View > Rulers > Rulers, or press Ctrl+Shift+R. When the rulers are showing, there is a checkmark to the left of Rulers option. The checkmark goes away when the rulers are hidden.

NOTE: We’re demonstrating how to show and hide rulers in LibreOffice Writer for Windows, but the procedure is the same for Linux and macOS, except the shortcut for the Rulers command on macOS is Shift+Command+R.

To show the rulers again, select the Rulers option again, or press Ctrl+Shift+R again. To show the vertical ruler, go to View > Rulers > Vertical Ruler. Again, if the vertical ruler is showing, there is a checkmark next to the Vertical Ruler option.

The Rulers command affects both the horizontal and vertical rulers. When you choose to show the rulers, the vertical ruler shows only if it was showing when you hid the rulers. For example, in the image above, the Vertical Ruler is selected and showing. When you select Rulers again to hide the rulers (no checkmark), the Vertical Rulers option is automatically turned off as well, and you won’t see a checkmark on the option.

NOTE: If you select the Vertical Ruler option to show the vertical ruler while the Rulers option is off, you will not see a checkmark next to the Vertical Ruler option. However, LibreOffice Writer remembers whether the option was on or off the next time you turn on the Rulers option.

Here, we’ve hidden both rulers.

If you want to use a keyboard shortcut to show and hide the vertical ruler, you can add a custom one, too.

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