The app list on the Windows 10 Start menu is presented alphabetically, and grouped by letter. But scrolling through it can be tiring. Click the letter at the top of any group to reveal a quick index for jumping to any section of the list.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update brought a number of changes to the Start menu. One of those is doing away with the separate page for your list of apps and instead presenting them right on the main Start menu. If you have lots of apps installed, that list can be cumbersome to scroll through. Sure, searching is still the fastest way to find a particular app, but if you want a quicker way to navigate the list, here it is.

Click Start and scroll down a bit to reveal the list of apps. Click the letter at the top of any section on the app list to reveal the index of letters.


Click any letter on the index to jump to that section of the app list.


Sure, it’s a super simple tip. But it’s one that we didn’t notice until recently. The feature is made more evident if you’re using a mobile device with a touch interface, but on a desktop PC there’s really no indication that those letters are clickable.