We all have our favorite podcasts, but we don’t always have time to listen to them. You can however, speed up your podcasts to 1.5x or 2x speed and breeze through them expeditiously.

The Podcasts app that comes with your iOS devices actually lets you increase the playback speed of any title by 1.5x or 2x. Alternatively, if you feel a podcast plays too quickly or you aren’t catching everything they say, you can slow things down to 0.5x.

If you look at the screen when you’re playing back a podcast, you will see there’s a small button to the far left of the playback controls. This is the speed control and it normally displays “1x”.

If you tap it once, it the playback speed will increase to 1.5x times the normal rate.

Tap it again for 2x, which is double the normal rate.

And, once again for half the rate.

Finally, if you tap it one more time, it will return again to 1x.

Of the three options, 1.5x is likely to be the most comfortable speed to listen and still catch everything. 2x is usually just a bit too fast, making everyone sound chipmunky, while .5x is just too slow for comfort, giving the impression that everyone is drunk.

The playback speed is always defaults to 1x whenever you listen to a new podcast, so you will need to speed it up every time you start one. Luckily, it’s really easy to use and only requires one or two taps.

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