Sometimes you might want to convert your PowerPoint 2010 presentations to video so users can watch them without having PPT installed on their computer. Today we take a look at converting presentations to video.

After you’ve created your Presentation click on File to access Backstage view.

Then click on Save & Send.

Now under the File Types section select Create a Video.

Now choose the size of the video, whether to use recorded narrations for the presentation, seconds to spend on each slide, the click Create Video.

Select a location to save the video. If you’re at the office and want several people to have access to it, you might want to put it on a shared network drive.

While the video is converted to .wmv format there will be a progress bar displayed in the lower right corner of PowerPoint.

Now you can watch the video of your presentation in your favorite .wmv compatible video player.

PowerPoint 2010 has added a lot of new features like adding transitions to slideshows, and animating text and objects.

You could also take your video and edit it further with Windows Live Movie Maker and post it to YouTube.