Among the many improvements in iOS 10 is the ability to access your favorite widgets on the lock screen. Instead of unlocking your iPhone by swiping right, now you’ll see a screen full of widgets.

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Having access to widgets on the lock screen can be handy, and you can customize your lock screen by adding, removing, and rearranging widgets. However, if you’re concerned about people seeing your apps and information, either over your shoulder or if someone gets a hold of your phone, you can disable the lock screen widgets entirely.

To begin, tap the “Settings” icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.

On the Settings screen, tap “Touch ID & Passcode”.

Enter your passcode when prompted.

The “Today View” option is on by default, shown by a green slider button.

Tap the “Today View” slider button to turn off the option. The slider button turns white.

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Now, you (or anyone else using your phone) will not be able to swipe right on the lock screen to access the widgets. However, the lock screen widgets are available when you swipe right on your Home screen (when your phone is unlocked), whether the Today View option is on or not. So, you can still have quick access to information and apps through the widgets when using your phone.

You can also hide sensitive notifications from your iPhone’s lock screen if you’re concerned about privacy.

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