Does someone you follow on Twitter retweet constantly, flooding your timeline with nonsense? Do particular accounts you never want to hear from keep popping up anyway? Here’s how to quickly filter that stuff out, without unfollowing people you otherwise like.

Hypothetically, let’s say you follow someone who, while generally insightful, occasionally retweets nonsense from your mortal enemy.

This cannot stand. And it doesn’t have to! We can block all of Whitson Gordon’s retweets. First, head to his profile page, then hit the gear next to the “Following” button. A menu pops up.

From here you can click “Turn off Retweets.” Once you do that, only Whitson’s insightful original comments will get to you. His terrible retweets, like the one above, will disappear into the ether, never to grace your timeline.

That solves that problem. But what if you don’t have any particular problem with Whitson’s retweets, but specifically want to avoid seeing a specific person he keeps retweeting? That’s easy too. Just need to head to Bryan’s profile page, then click that same gear icon.

If you click the “Mute @username” button here, nothing Bryan ever tweets will ever reach your timeline, even if someone else you follow retweets him. You’ve completely removed Bryan from your Twitter life, which should improve things immensely.

You could use this to ignore politicians, musicians, staff writers from technology sites, or just about anyone who gets under you skin. That’s better than quitting Twitter entirely, right?

Image credit: Charles Lam/Flickr

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