While Apple has made serious improvements to the HomeKit smarthome framework, there are still more than a few ghosts in the machine. Let’s look at how to banish the extremely frustrating “Address is not registered with iCloud” error to get your system back up and running.

What’s the Deal With This Error?

Errors are always a hassle. They’re arcane, you can’t understand what’s causing it, and you have to Google around until you find the answer. This particular error is even more frustrating, because it clearly spells out exactly why the error is occurring–except the reason it gives makes no sense. 

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This error appears when you invite a person to share your HomeKit smarthome system. It rejects the invitation, claiming that they do not have a registered iCloud address even when you know you’re using their iCloud address. As seen in the header image above, you get the text “Invitation Failed: Could not invite “username@icloud.com” because the email address is not registered with iCloud.”

Don’t worry: you aren’t crazy, and haven’t made a typo. Often, it’s a matter of the Home app getting stuck in a glitch wherein it rejects all iCloud addresses, regardless of whether or not they are valid.

While this problem will certainly be patched in future editions of iOS, for the moment it remains a very frustrating hiccup. Thankfully we’ve got a clear solution you can use to resolve it.

How to Fix the Error

If you’re a HomeKit early adopter, you might be already braced for the go-to fallback when faced with inscrutable HomeKit problem: resetting your whole HomeKit system. Don’t worry though! We, like you, hate to reset our system just to fix a small (but very annoying) error and we looked at the problem from every angle to find a way you could avoid that hassle.

Rather than dump your entire setup and start over, you can banish this nonsensical error by simply repopulating your guest list. Open the Home app and access the settings menu by selecting the arrow icon in the upper left corner.

In the “People” section, located halfway down the screen, select each current guest member of your HomeKit household, one by one.

Inside each individual member screen, scroll down and select “Remove Person”. Repeat this process for all existing guest members including those with pending invitations they haven’t responded to yet. Scroll down to the very bottom of the guest entry until you see “Remove Person” then click it to remove them.

After you’ve removed all the guest members in your HomeKit household, turn right back around and invite them back. Magically, the exact same iCloud users that were “invalid” should pass through the invitation process with no issue.

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