Sometimes, the emoji keyboard mysteriously disappears from your iPhone. But don’t fret–here’s why it goes away, and how easy it is to get it back.

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I’ve noticed that a few things can cause this to happen. Every time I delete a third-party keyboard from my iPhone, I have to go back in and re-enable the emoji keyboard in order to get my emoji back. The same thing can happen when you update your iPhone to a newer version of iOS, although it doesn’t seem to happen to everyone.

It’s frustrating when it happens, but it’s nothing more than a setting that you have to change back. First off, open up the Settings app on your home screen.

Tap on “General”.

Scroll down and select “Keyboard”.

Tap on “Keyboards” at the top.

Select “Add New Keyboard…”.

Scroll down and select the “Emoji” keyboard.

After you select it, it will show up in your list of keyboards.

From there, you can close out of the settings app and go back to any app that uses the keyboard. From there, you’ll see that the emoji button is now back on the keyboard.

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