If you’ve decided to sell your Amazon Echo or give it to someone else to play around with, here’s how to factory reset it so that it’s ready for a new owner.

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The Amazon Echo uses the old-school method of resetting in which you stick a paper clip in a small hole to activate the reset button. Most hardware devices these days are reset on the software end, but the Echo uses a tried and true method that completely wipes itself with one button press.

To begin, find a paper clip and unbend it so that a section of it is sticking and pointing out. Then locate the very small hole on the underside of your Amazon Echo.

Prepare for disgustingness when you turn over your Amazon Echo.
Prepare for disgustingness when you turn over your Amazon Echo.

Stick the paper clip down the hole and press down. You’ll feel a click, just like a button press. Hold that for five seconds.

After you finish pressing the reset button, the light ring on the Echo will light up orange for about a minute.

After that, the light ring will turn blue and eventually you’ll hear Alexa say, “Hello”. At that point, the device is ready to be set up again.

Resetting your Amazon Echo will erase all settings from it and it will also remove your Amazon account from your Echo.

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