In iOS 10, Safari supports an unlimited number of tabs. However, if you find yourself with too many tabs open and want to start fresh, there’s a shortcut to close all your tabs at once.

Prior to iOS 10, you had to close each tab separately. If you have tons of tabs open, that can be very time consuming. We’ll show you how you can now close all your open tabs in Safari at once in iOS 10.

Tap on the Safari icon on the Home screen.

There are two places you can close all your tabs. While viewing a webpage or the Favorites page, tap and hold on the tabs button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

To close all the tabs, tap “Close X Tabs” on the dialog box that displays, where “X” is the number of tabs you currently have open.

If you tap the tabs button, the tab view interface displays. You can close all the tabs by tapping and holding on “Done”.

The same dialog box displays as when you tap and hold on the tabs button, as we mentioned above. Tap “Close X Tabs” to close all the tabs.

No matter which way you close all the tabs, you are returned to the Favorites page after the tabs are closed.

You can also easily clear your browsing history in Safari on iOS, and open and close your iPhone’s Safari Tabs from Your Mac (and Vice Versa).

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It’s about time this feature was added, and it will be useful for those of us who are tab-happy when we surf the web.

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