Bookmarks in Word allow you to assign names to text and mark positions in your files so you can more easily navigate long documents. Think of bookmarks in Word like bookmarks you put in books to mark your place.

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Just like in a real book, Word allows you to move a bookmark to another location in the document. Moving an existing bookmark in Word can also be considered reusing that bookmark.

In our example, we have a bookmark defined for the text shown in brackets on the image below. We want to reuse that bookmark name and move it to another location. So, we select the text where we want to move that bookmark to and then click the “Insert” tab.

NOTE: You can also create a bookmark without selecting text. Simply place the cursor where you want to put the bookmark.

In the Links section of the Insert tab, click the “Links” button and then click “Bookmark”.

NOTE: If your Word window is wide enough, you can click directly on “Bookmark” in the Links section.

On the Bookmark dialog box, select the bookmark name you want to move, or reuse, and click “Add”.

The bookmark is moved to the newly selected text or new position in the document. The bookmark name has been reused in a different place in the document.

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Clicking “Add” to reuse or move a bookmark can be misleading. You aren’t actually adding a new bookmark. Word recognizes the existing bookmark name and redefines it to point to the newly selected text or new position in the document.

You can also rename bookmarks after you’ve created them using a free add-in.

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