Windows 10’s Anniversary Update offers new “game hubs” for PC games in the Xbox app. Your friends on Xbox Live will now be able to see when you’re playing a PC game, and what PC games you recently played.

If you’d like to keep your PC gaming activity separate, so your Xbox friends can’t see what you’ve been playing, you can disable this feature.

Option One: Sign Out of the Xbox App

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This feature is part of the Xbox app in Windows 10. The Xbox app has a lot of useful features, like streaming games from your Xbox One to your PC, streaming live TV from your Xbox One to your PC, or interacting with Xbox Live and your Xbox friends from your PC. But if you don’t use it for any of those things, the easiest way to stop this behavior is to simply sign out of the Xbox app.

To do so, open the Xbox app from your Start menu.

Click the Settings icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click the “Sign Out” button and you’ll be signed out of the Xbox app. Any PC gaming you do will no longer be linked with your Xbox account–unless you go back to the Xbox app and sign in again.

Repeat this process on all the Windows 10 PCs you play games on.

Option Two: Change Your Xbox Privacy Settings Online

While the Xbox app on Windows 10 does have some privacy and sharing settings, it doesn’t have a setting to stop it from reporting game activity.

There is another way to prevent your Xbox friends from seeing your games. However, this setting will apply to both your Windows 10 PCs and any Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

To access this setting, open the Xbox app, click the Settings icon on the left, scroll down, and click the “” link under Privacy. You can also head to the Xbox Account settings site in your web browser.

Scroll down on the “Privacy & online safety” page to the “Others can:” section.

Locate the “See if you’re online (Xbox 360: Online Status)” setting and set it to “Block” to prevent people from seeing when you’re online and what specific game you’re playing. You can also set this option to “Friends”, and only your friends will be able to see when you’re online and what you’re playing.

Find the “See your game and app history (Xbox 360: Game History)” option and set it to “Block” to prevent people from seeing a list of games you’ve recently played. Set this option to “Friends” instead and only friends will be able to see the list of games.

Bear in mind that this will prevent your Xbox friends from seeing when you’re online on an Xbox One or Xbox 360 console and what Xbox console games you were recently playing, too.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page when you’re done to save your settings.

While Microsoft could add more sharing options to the Xbox app in a future update, we’re not holding our breath. Microsoft is trying to turn Xbox into gaming platform that encompasses Windows PCs as well as the Xbox One and Xbox 360, making it all part of Xbox.

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