It is said that every 3.5 seconds a phone is lost or stolen, which is exactly the root of why the mobile data backup field is getting more crowded. Staying ahead of the competition is no picnic, but WinX MediaTrans makes it with ease!

Simply put, WinX MediaTrans, developed by Digiarty Software, is a new kind of mobile file manager for iOS and Android (coming later) users. Download the trial version now to enjoy a certain number of daily file syncing between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer for free.

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WinX MediaTrans can free you from the slow and clumsy iTunes

Apple iTunes is most well-known for pioneering iPhone iPad data backup, and its complicated operations, as well as those various syncing errors. As an alternative, WinX MediaTrans is not just crammed with multifunction as a jack of all trades, but instead is more of an expert, specialized in managing photos, music and videos.


WinX MediaTrans – Ultra Fast Photo Transfer

The size of a RAW/DNG 16 bits/pixel 4K picture (4520×2540) is 23 MB. Accordingly, 100 4K pictures will eat up more than 2G. Yes, I’m telling you mobile photo backup really matters. iTunes is never the solid solution for it only allows transferring photos from computer to iPhone iPad. And the backup copies can’t be deleted on your mobile.

Here comes WinX MediaTrans, exporting 100 4K iPhone pictures to PC with only 8 seconds. Blazingly fast speed! Some more sweet designs: pictures can be sorted by year/month/day, viewed in medium or large icons, and selected in “All” mode. At a whim, you take a selfie. Click “Refresh” and it will be loaded right away.


WinX MediaTrans – Flexible Music Manager

We truly understand how often you’d like to indulge in music while jogging, reading, etc, so we do the test to see what this music manager can bring to you. Basically, transferring music from iPhone iPad to PC or from computer to mobile is a breeze. And no doubt it is fast. What is bound to draw eyeballs is the setting of music playlist managing. First you can create, edit and delete playlist. Then batch editing music information like artist, title, album, etc is enabled (lyric option is said to be added in the next version). Next, songs can be deleted simultaneously from both devices and computer. Moreover, existing music files can be replaced as long as syncing is not on.


WinX MediaTrans – Easy Video Backup Tool

A 30-minute 4K video of 3840×2160 at 30 fps is approximately 11G, meaning 6 such videos will make a 64G iPhone 6S break down. If you are still bereft of a how-to idea, there is a crash course, well, by using WinX MediaTrans. Transferring videos from phone to computer may not be rocket science, and vice versa. But converting and syncing videos all at once definitely utilizes the bleeding edge technology, let alone hardware acceleration is permitted here. Bonus point: videos transferred from PC to iPhone will be auto rotated in full screen.


WinX MediaTrans – Turn Your iPhone as Flash Drive

Cloud service, like OneDrive and iCloud, is really easy to use for backing up files, which however is not free and needs fluent network. Actually if you are holding a 128G/256G iPhone, you have a free and portable USB drive with vast spaces. Open WinX MediaTrans, connect iPhone with computer, click “Flash Drive”, and send your Word, PDF, Excel and other files to your mobile in a wink, all of which are invisible on phones for security and privacy.

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