LG did something weird with the G5: it completely removed the app drawer in the stock launcher, and tossed all apps on the the home screens, like in iOS. I get that some people probably like this—maybe even prefer it—but I’m sure it’s off-putting to many others. If you’d like to give the stock launcher a go but want the app drawer back, LG actually included a way to add an app drawer to its launcher via a separate download.

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First, head into Settings. Pull down the notification shade, then tap the cog icon to get there.

In Settings, scroll down to the “Home screen” option and tap it.

The first option in this menu is “Select Home”—give that a tap.

This is where all the currently installed launchers will show up, but the last option on the list is “Home & app drawer”—you’ll notice that it has a download icon next to it, as opposed to a selectable bubble like the others on this list. Go ahead and tap that, which will jump into another menu.

You’ll be prompted to install the Home & app drawer add-on, which is what you want. It will download the app and automatically install it—no interaction required.

You can now back into the “Select Home” menu. The “Home & app drawer” option will be selectable now, so go ahead and give that a tap.

And that’s that. Selecting the new home app will take you to your new home screen, which still looks a lot like it did before, with the addition of an app drawer. And if you ever want to go back to the all-apps-all-the-time home screen layout, just head back into the Home Screen menu and select “Home.”You’re welcome.

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