You can easily count paragraphs, as well as pages, words, characters, and lines, in a Word document. However, what if you want to know how many paragraphs of a specific style you have in your document? We’ll show you a trick that allows you to easily get this number.

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For example, maybe you want to know how many warnings you have in your document and you’ve applied a custom style to all the warnings in your document. For this trick, we’re going to use the Find and Replace dialog box to search for paragraph marks on paragraphs with a specific style.

We’ll search for a custom Warning style in our example, but you can search for whatever paragraph style you want to count. Press Ctrl+Home to put the cursor at the beginning of the document. Then, press Ctrl+H to open the Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab active. Click “More”.

Click the “Format” button at the bottom of the dialog box and select “Style” from the popup menu.

On the Find Style dialog box, select the style you want to find in the “Find what style” list and then click “OK”.

Notice that the name of the selected style displays below the Find what box. Enter ^p in the “Find what” box and in the “Replace with” box. We’re searching for and replacing the same thing: a paragraph mark. Click “Replace All”.

Word replaces all paragraph marks on paragraphs with the selected style (the Warning style, in our example) with identical paragraph marks, resulting in no actual changes to your document. However, Word displays a dialog box telling you how many changes were made. This number is the number of paragraphs in your document with the selected style. In our example, we have four warning paragraphs.

This trick also works for counting the total number of paragraphs in your document. Simply skip the step where you select the paragraph style on the Find and Replace document. However, the statistics tool is and easier and faster solution for getting a paragraph count and provides other document statistics as well.

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