Sometimes we have useful feedback or an awesome suggestion that we would love to share with the Windows product team, but what is the best way to go about it? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post provides some nice options for a helpful reader.

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The Question

SuperUser reader boot4life wants to know the best way to give feedback to the Windows product team:

I would like to make a suggestion to help improve Windows in a specific way. How can I register my suggestion with the Windows product team? Is there a publicly available feedback channel? Does the product have a feedback feature?

The Windows 10 beta program is closed, Microsoft Connect does not appear to have a section for the Windows operating system, and they do not appear to use UserVoice.

What is the best way to give feedback to the Windows product team?

The Answer

SuperUser contributors magicandre1981, Deckster711, and Ben N have the answer for us. First up, magicandre1981:

In Windows 10 (PC and mobile), you can install the Feedback Hub App and send feedback to Microsoft.

  • Help us make Windows better! Provide feedback about Windows and apps by sharing your suggestions or problems.

Followed by the answer from Deckster711:

If you have Windows 10, then go to the search bar and type in “feedback” and a Windows feedback app should appear. Click to open it, sign in with your Microsoft account, and there should be a way to give feedback from there. Hope this helps.

With our final answer from Ben N:

When you join the Windows Insider Program, you will occasionally receive emails from Microsoft that ask you to take a survey (I have received two or three over the past few months). You can express your pleasure or displeasure with specific aspects of Windows on varying scales, and there are usually some free form text fields that you can use to say anything you like.

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