Emoji are great and everybody is using them nowadays, having become an integral part of how people express themselves in text messages, but one might notice that some emoji don’t represent how everyone looks.

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Many emoji represent people – faces, hands, arms – and it’s fair to say, they’re largely Simpsons-esque. While the skin tone of your emoji may not phase you in the slightest, others may wish their skin tone was more accurately represented.

In the following screenshot, you see what we mean. In the Smileys & People emojis, there are an assortment of thumbs, gestures, and other body parts.

If you want to use alternative emoji skin tones on iOS, then first pick the emoji you want and long-press on it. This will let you pick another skin tone.

Swipe over a bit and you can do the same thing to faces.

Once you pick another skin tone, it will remain that skin tone unless you pick another.

On OS X, it works very much the same way, open up the emojis panel and click and hold on any appropriate face, hand, etc. and it will give you alternative skin tones.

Again, like on iOS once you pick a different skin tone, it will remain until you change it to another one. There doesn’t appear to be a way to change all your emoji in one go.

Apple introduced skin tones to their emoji in OS X 10.10 and iOS 8.3, but you may not necessarily be aware of them because they’re not immediately apparent. Hopefully now, changing your emojis will let you express yourself in a more meaningful, personal manner.


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