Amazon already makes it really easy to order stuff with its 1-Click ordering system, but the company’s relatively new Dash buttons make ordering stuff even easier. Here’s how to set one up quickly and easily.

Amazon has made quite the statement with its various hardware products, including the Amazon Echo, which can control your many smarthome products, as well as act as a virtual assistant of sorts. However, the Echo isn’t the only smarthome product that Amazon makes. Its Dash buttons don’t get a whole lot of attention, but they’re much more convenient than people give them credit for.

What Are Amazon Dash Buttons?

In a nutshell, Dash buttons are small dongles with a single big button that, when pressed, will instantly order a pre-determined item on Amazon and you’ll get it on your doorstep in two days (if you have Amazon Prime).

Dash buttons are set up by brand, meaning that if you want a button that orders Clorox wipes, you’ll need to get a Clorox-branded Dash button. Amazon does sell an un-branded general Dash button, but it’s just meant for developers at this point.

You can buy Dash buttons for just $5 each, and you’ll get that money back when you make your first order using the button, so they’re essentially free once you start using them. So you literally have nothing to lose by trying them out.

How to Set Up a New Dash Button

After your order your Amazon Dash buttons and get them in the mail, you can begin setting them up, which takes just a couple of minutes using the Amazon app on your smartphone. If you don’t yet have the Amazon app, go ahead and download it now. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you have the app downloaded and installed, open it up and tap on the menu button in the top-left corner.

Select “Your Account”.

Scroll down and tap on “Set up a new device” under the “Dash Devices” section.

Tap on “Dash Button” on the right-hand side of the screen.

Take the button out of the box and then tap on “Get Started” at the bottom of the screen on your phone.

Press and hold the Dash button until the small LED light flashes blue.

When it does that, tap on “Connect” in the app.

Wait a few seconds while the Dash button connects to the Amazon app. You may be asked to turn up the volume on your phone so that the Dash button can hear the pairing tone required.

On the next screen, enter in your Wi-Fi network information if it already isn’t filled on. Then tap on “Continue.”

Next, place your Dash button near the speaker on your phone and then hit “Connect” in the app.

The pairing process will begin and your phone will emit a unique audio tone that the Dash button will listen to in order to connect.

Once that’s done, the next screen will have you select what you want ordered whenever you press the button. Depending on the brand, you’ll have several options to choose from.

On the next screen, you’ll confirm the item, as well as your shipping address and payment method that will be used whenever you press the Dash button. If everything looks good, tap on “Done”.

You can also turn on notifications for the app if you want so that you’ll receive an alert whenever a Dash button order has been placed. You’ll also receive an email like normal for any new order.

Your Dash button is now ready to go, and you can use the included keyring to put on your keychain, or use the adhesive backing to place it on a cabinet or a wall. I have my toilet paper Dash button in the bathroom and the paper towel Dash button in the utility room where we keep them, for example.

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