Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Here’s the quick list of new features for your enjoyment, but you should really upgrade to see everything for yourself.

New in Feisty:

  • Windows Migration Tool – Will help you migrate your user settings, such as wallpaper and bookmarks.
  • Codec wizard – Helps install unsupported codecs
  • Wireless – Greatly upgraded wireless support lets you easily connect to different networks
  • Upgraded Kernel – 2.6.20 kernel supports hardware virtualization features in the newer processors.
  • Upgraded Gnome – Gnome 2.18 has a lot of new features you’ll want, including a nice administration panel overhaul.
  • Lots of other stuff!

Note: Before you start this upgrade, you should make sure that you have updated Edgy with all the latest patches using the Update Manager. This will make installation more smooth, and also solve the problems some people are having with not being able to upgrade.

To start the upgrade from Edgy (6.10) to Feisty(7.04), you can hit the Alt+F2 combo to pop up the run box. Enter the following text. Note that the quotes are the normal double-quote.

gksu “update-manager -c”

When the Software updates tool launches, you’ll see a new button saying Upgrade. Click it. Now. Or not.

You don’t have to read the release notes before you click Upgrade again.

If you get an error message saying that authentication has failed, you will need to type the following command at the terminal prompt:


Once you get the message about entering your message now, just hit Ctrl+C and then start the install process over. If that doesn’t work, you may want to try running a shell as root before running the command ( sudo /bin/bash should do it)
Now you can click Start Upgrade. Seems that we already started the upgrade, but no matter, we’ll start it now.

You may encounter more dialogs asking to click Upgrade, if so… click upgrade. Now your system will download all the updates and install them.

All done, restart your computer by clicking the button. At least this button doesn’t say Upgrade.

To verify that you are now running Feisty, run the following command from a terminal window. Note that your output might be slightly different.

$ cat /etc/issue

Ubuntu feisty (development branch) \n \l

Check out the new Control Center goodness!

Note: If you are upgrading from Dapper (6.06) to Feisty, you will probably want to upgrade from Dapper to Edgy, and then from Edgy to Feisty.

Update:Modified the article to reflect the Feisty release.

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