Google Chrome’s internal chrome:// pages are full of all kinds of statistics, tools, and experimental features (much like the advanced settings of any other browser). What you may not know is that many individual settings have their own URL as well, and aren’t listed individually on the chrome://about page. If there are any you access regularly, you can bookmark them for easier access in the future.

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Bookmarking settings pages can save you a fair bit of time for pages you access frequently and make pages easier to find again if you don’t use them often. A perfect example of this is the page for managing Chrome’s custom dictionary so you can remove words you added by accident. You not only need to remember to look in the advanced language settings section, but it takes half a dozen clicks to get there.

But, once you get there, you’ll see that it has its own URL:

So, you can bookmark that URL by pressing Ctrl+D or just dragging the URL to wherever you want to store it. I actually keep a Settings folder on my Bookmarks toolbar for easy access. And here’s a handy list of some useful settings URLs that you may want to bookmark (you’ll have to type them in or copy and paste yourself, as direct links won’t work):

  • chrome://settings/editDictionary (for removing words from the custom dictionary)
  • chrome://settings/startup (for adding a new page to load when you start Chrome)
  • chrome://settings/clearBrowserData (for clearing cookies, browsing, and download histories)
  • chrome://settings/content (for managing how Chrome deals with different types of content like cookies, images, and JavaScript)
  • chrome://settings/autofill (for adding and removing addresses and credit cards to Chrome’s Autofill feature)
  • chrome://settings/passwords (for removing passwords stored in Chrome)

Check around Chrome’s settings and see what URLs pop up in the address bar–you might be surprised.

That’s it. It’s a simple tip, but one that can save you a bit of hassle. Next time you find yourself on a settings page in Chrome, just bookmark it for the future and give it a name you’ll remember.

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