If you’re anything like me, you basically schedule your life around your favorite sports teams (Go Bulls!). While I generally try to remember what nights my team is playing, sometimes that’s just not possible—especially in a league like the NBA where there are 82 regular season games. Fortunately, there’s a super simple way to add your favorite teams’ schedules to Google Calendar, so you never miss a game.

It’s worth noting that you have to do this from Google Calendar on the web—at the current time there isn’t a way to do it from mobile. Silly Google.

Okay, so that said, the first thing you’ll need to do is jump over to the Google Calendar webapp, making sure that you’re signed into the Google account that you want to add the team schedule to.

From there, click on the small arrow just to the right of the “Other calendars” section, which can be found in the left column.

In that dropdown, select “Browse Interesting Calendars.”

This will open a menu with all sorts of new stuff, including a slew of different religious and cultural holidays. The tab we’re looking for, however, is just to the right of the “Holidays” tab: “Sports.” Click that.

Here, you can choose from all the most popular sports: baseball, basketball, cricket, (American) football , hockey, rugby, and soccer. I’m going to use basketball for this tutorial, but the steps will be the same for every sport.

Once you’ve clicked on the sport, you’ll be presented with league options. For example, the basketball option lists everything from the NBA and WNBA to FIBA, the NBA D-League, NCAA, and more. I’m going with NBA here, but again, you can pick your own poison.

On the next screen, you can choose your team or teams by clicking the “Subscribe” button next to the team name. For future reference, this is also where you can unsubscribe from those teams, should you choose to stop watching them.

Once you’ve selected all your teams, you can just jump back into your calendar by clicking the “Back to calendar” link at the top of the page.

You can also toggle each team calendar without actually unsubscribing to them—just click the colored box the the left of the team name in the “Other calendars” sections. This is also where you can customize the color associated with the team, just in case Google gets it wrong. Gotta show that team pride!

The team calendars will sync across all your mobile devices at this point and, just like on the desktop, you can control which ones are visible in your favorite calendar app (without having to unsubscribe).

Now it’s even easier to your let your sports obsessions control your life! Yay for convenience!

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