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Google’s Gboard keyboard is easily one of the most popular among Android users. One of the great things about it is the personalization options. We’ll show you how to adjust the height of the keyboard, making it easier to type.

Gboard is available for all Android phones and tablets. It comes pre-installed as the default keyboard on Google Pixel phones and a few other Android devices. You can install it from the Play Store and set it as the default keyboard if it’s not already.

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First, enter a text box to bring up the Gboard keyboard. From there, press the gear icon to open the app’s Settings.

Next, go to “Preferences.”

Select "Preferences."

In the “Layout” section, select “Keyboard Height.”

Go to "Keyboard Height."

There are a bunch of different heights to choose from. It’s a good idea to start with one step up from where you’re currently at.

Choose a height size.


The change will be applied immediately. Go to a textbox again to bring up the keyboard. If it’s still feeling a little cramped, follow the steps above and make it a little taller. As you can see, the differences aren’t massive.

Keyboard heights.
Left: Mid-Tall; Right: Tall

Adjusting the keyboard height is one of the easiest ways to improve your typing on a touchscreen. A cramped keyboard leads to a lot of errant presses and typos. Just giving Gboard a little more space on the screen can make a huge difference.

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