The Nest Thermostat is a piece of hardware with circuitry and an operating system, just like any computer. That means it’s also susceptible to crashing, freezing, and other problems. Here’s how to restart the Nest Thermostat if it ever becomes unresponsive.

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That’s perhaps one of the drawbacks of a smart thermostat. All that added brainpower means more of a risk that it will freeze up and make your thermostat stop working temporarily. The good news is that it’s pretty simple to fix.

If your Nest Thermostat ever becomes unresponsive or you discover that it’s just not quite working right one day, you can reboot it, which will hopefully clear out the gunk and give it a fresh start.

If Your Nest’s Menus Still Work

If your Nest is experiencing some issues, but you can still navigate around the menus just fine, start by bringing up the main menu by clicking on the Nest Thermostat unit itself.

Use the silver scroll ring to navigate to “Settings” and push on the unit to select it.

Scroll all the way to the right until you find “Reset”. Push on the Nest Thermostat to select it.

Select “Restart”.

Turn the scroll ring to the right until the dial reaches the other side.

Push on the unit to select “OK”.

Your Nest Thermostat will now restart and the process only takes a couple of minutes. When it’s finished, the thermostat will boot up and automatically begin heating or cooling your house again, and all of your settings will still be intact.

If Your Nest Is Completely Unresponsive

Sometimes your Nest Thermostat may just freeze up and you won’t be able to navigate around menus or do anything with it, but luckily there’s still a way to reboot it.

All you have to do is press down on the unit itself for around ten seconds until the screen shuts off and begins rebooting. You could do this either way, but Nest recommends only to use this method of your Nest Thermostat is completely unresponsive.

The company says that this method “is similar to turning off a computer instead of shutting it down, and your thermostat could lose some unsaved information.”

Even if your Nest Thermostat isn’t acting up, it’s never hurts to restart it once in a while, just to clear out any lingering bugs or issues that it may have come across and are probably not noticing.

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