While the Amazon Echo is known for providing news and traffic info, or playing music and reading your audiobooks to you, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Using an add-on Skill, you can use the voice-controlled device to help you tune your guitar without any extra tools.

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If you’re a serious guitarist, you likely have a digital tuner device that you use to make sure everything is in check. The Amazon Echo is a bit less advanced, but if you’re good at tuning by ear, you can bring it up completely hands-free in a matter of seconds.

To set up this Skill, you’ll need to go into the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the sidebar menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap on “Skills”.

In the search box at the top, type in “guitar”.

One result will appear, and it will be called “Guitar Tuner”. Tap on “Enable” to add the Skill to your Amazon Echo.

Once it’s enabled and ready to go, you’ll see “Disable” instead of “Enable”.

You can now exit out of the Alexa app and go over to your Amazon Echo. Whenever you need to tune your guitar and you can’t find your digital tuner, you can say, “Alexa, ask Guitar Tuner to tune my guitar.”

Alexa will then play each string four times and move onto the next string. It goes kind of quickly, so your tuning adjustment skills will need to be top notch.

If your guitar is severely out of tune, I’d recommend just using a proper tuner, or ask Alexa to tune your guitar again, making finer and finer adjustments with each go-through until your guitar is fully tuned.

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