The Digital Touch feature on your Apple Watch allows you to send sketches, taps, or even your heartbeat to another friend who also has an Apple Watch or an iPhone. Here’s how to use it.

It’s best that both parties have an Apple Watch for sending and receiving Digital Touch messages, since recipients can feel certain Digital Touch messages on their wrist. Still, you can send and receive Digital Touch messages on an iPhone or iPad.

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To send a Digital Touch message, you can just tap “Reply” when you receive a message on your Apple Watch. To send a new message to a specific contact, click down on the Digital Crown to bring up your apps.

Tap the “Messages” app icon.

Select a text conversation with the contact to whom you want to send a Digital Touch message or force touch the screen and select “New Message”.


Next, tap on the Digital Touch button.

You’ll be given a blank slate to draw your Digital Touch message. The dot in the top-right corner allows you to change the color of the drawing.

You can do several different things on this screen. Drag your finger around to create a drawing (as shown below). Tap the screen multiple times in any rhythm to send those taps to your recipient (they’ll get haptic feedback for each tap). Send a kiss by tapping two fingers on the screen. Send your heartbeat by tapping and holding two fingers on the screen until you see a heart (recipients get a haptic vibration of your heartbeat). You can even show anger of sorts by tapping and holding one finger until you see a flame.

To send the Digital Touch message, tap “Done” or simply stop drawing or tapping for a few moments. The message will get sent on its way after a few seconds. Your recipient can then view your Digital Touch message on their iPhone or on their Apple Watch just like any other text message.

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