How to Play Multiplayer Party Games on Your Chromecast

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Google’s Chromecast offers a way to play games on your TV, too. You won’t find the same ecosystem of games you will for the Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV, but you will find some fun party games people can gather around the TV and play, using their smartphones as controllers.

You could also cast your Android device’s screen to play a mobile game on your TV, or cast your computer desktop to play a PC game on the TV. But these methods allow you to play designed-for-Chromecast games.

Finding Games

You’ll first need to install some games that are designed for the Chromecast. Like typical apps that stream to your Chromecast, these are available as mobile apps for either Android or iPhone.

To find games on your smartphone or tablet, open up the new Chromecast app — install the Google Cast app for iPhone or Android if you don’t already have it installed — and tap the “Get Apps” header.

You’ll see a few popular games recommended. You can also scroll down to the bottom, select “Browse All Apps,” and then select the “Games” category.

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You could also visit the Chromecast Apps website on the web and select “Games” to view available games for the Chromecast. Mouse over an app and you’ll see the platforms it’s available for — Android, iPhone, and Chrome on computers.

Playing Games

To play a game, just cast it like you would any other app. For example, we’d like to play the Google-created “Big Web Quiz” app as an example here. From the Chromecast website, we can mouse over it and see what platforms it’s available on. The “Chrome” icon is a bit misleading here, as that link takes us to a website that tells us to download the app on Android or iOS.

To play it, we’ll have to install the app on a smartphone, launch it, and tap the button to connect to a nearby Chromecast. This works just like you’d cast videos or music from any other app to your Chromecast.

The game will launch on your TV, and the device you’re casting it from — whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or the Chrome browser on your computer — will function as your game controller.

This particular game supports up to six players playing it on your TV. Multiple players can install the app on their phones and connect to the same Chromecast to participate.

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The actual selection of games on offer is pretty slim at the moment, but there are some big-name games that could be fun. Aside from Google’s own trivia game, you’ll find a variety of party games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee, and Just Dance.

Image Credit: TechStage on Flickr

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