While we love how the Apple Watch parks useful notifications right on our wrist, it can be a noisy little cricket. Thankfully it’s easy, if you know where to look, to quiet the Apple Watch.

Adjusting the Volume from Your Watch

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There are two ways to deal with a noisy Apple Watch directly from the watch itself. The first way is to blanket silence it, which is the technique we highlighted in our previous Apple Watch tutorial, How to Silence, Manage, and Conceal Notifications on Your Apple Watch.

If you need to quiet your Apple Watch in a hurry or you just want to temporarily silence it while you’re in a meeting, it’s very convenient to do so via the Glances menu system.

From the watch face just swipe up to access the Glances menu and over to select the Status glance. There you can tap the bell icon to immediately silence your watch, as seen below. You cannot, however, adjust the actual volume levels here.


The second way is more granular and involves a trip into the Settings menu of the Apple Watch. To get there click the digital crown on the side of the Apple Watch to access the application menu, select the Settings (the gear shaped icon), and then scroll down to the menu entry for “Sound & Haptics”.

There in the Sound & Haptics menu, seen above, you can not only mute the watch just as you did with the Glances shortcut but you can also adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Adjusting the Volume from Your Phone

If you wish to make the adjustment from your phone you do so easily from the My Watch application. To do so open up the My Watch application on the paired iPhone and then scroll down and select, just like on the Apple Watch, the entry for “Sound & Haptics”.

Within the Sound & Haptics menu you can adjust the volume just as you can on the Apple Watch. The big difference here is that, thanks to the screen sizes, the slider bar on the iPhone is radically bigger and offers a little more of a fine-touch when it comes to selecting exactly the sound level you want.

You can also put the watch in “Silent Mode” from the phone application, perfect for those times where your watch is, say, buried in your luggage and chiming away.

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