We’re all well acquainted with tiny text on our phones, tablets, and smart watches; if your eyesight is poor, then we feel your pain. With the Apple Watch, you can easily increase the text size and brightness to make it more readable.

Using the Apple Watch already presents some unique challenges. The screen is very tiny so everything is miniaturized, which means text must be small enough to fit onto it. It’s not necessarily hard to see the text on the Watch’s screen, but it can be made larger and bolded for easier viewing. Additionally, the brightness can be adjusted to better suit your ambient lighting conditions.

This isn’t the first time we’ve explained how to make text larger on various devices. We’ve talked about how to make text larger and more readable on your Android device, as well as how to do the same on your iPad or iPhone. Today, we want to turn our attention to the Apple Watch.

In order to adjust text size and brightness on your Watch, you need to open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap the “Brightness & Text Size” option.

Very simply, if you want to adjust the brightness of your Watch screen, move the slider left or right. Adjusting the brightness to make it brighter will make it easier to see the Watch screen in direct sunlight while dimming it will make it easier on your eyes in darkened environments.

If you want to increase or decrease text size, then you obviously need to move the slider left or right depending upon your preference. On the other hand, if you want to make everything bold, then you will want to tap on “Bold Text”, which will require your Watch to restart.

How does this all look when applied in real life? In the following example, we see how text looks at the default size setting with the bold option turned on.

Here is how text looks bolded at the largest size. Note, you may have to scroll down to see everything but that’s to be expected with larger text.

Finally, here is what text looks like at the smallest size (again, bolded). Compared to the previous two screenshots, the text fits neatly on the screen.

While none of these are terribly hard to read, particularly when text is set to its largest size, it could make the difference between being able to read your Watch easily without the aid of corrective lenses. You will want to play around and adjust it so it is comfortable enough to read without straining or squinting.

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