The newest version of Apple TV has a lot of cool advanced features. Chief among these is Siri integration, which we’re betting a lot of people still don’t know how to use. Here then are 17 things you can do with Siri on it.

Siri is turning into one of our favorite digital assistants. Since its introduction just a few short years ago, Siri has become almost indispensable on the iPhone, allowing us to dash off texts, make calls, and look up information quickly without having to interact with our phones manually.

With the introduction of the Apple Watch, Siri now works from our wrists as well. So, we can now do things like show different glances, check the weather, and quite a few other neat tricks.

Now, Siri has also been integrated into the new Apple TV so you can perform many useful, mostly entertainment-related things, which we want to discuss in this article.

To access Siri, simply hold down the microphone button on the remote control, wait for Siri to pop up on your TV, and speak into the remote. You will need to continue to hold down the microphone button until Siri hears everything you say.

Turn on Closed Captioning and Subtitles

If you need to turn on closed captioning or subtitles, you can ask Siri to do both. In the following example, we turned on the closed captioning by telling Siri, “turn on closed captioning”.

Similarly, if you’re watching a foreign film and the subtitles are not on, you can turn them on by saying, “turn on subtitles”.

Search for Specific Movies

Are you itching to watch a certain movie but don’t want to search for it? No problem, just ask Siri to find it for you.

Click on a selection to open its information screen. You can then preview or play it depending on whether it is available on iTunes, Netflix, or another app on your Apple TV.

At the bottom of the movie’s page, you will see a list of related movies you can peruse if the one you selected doesn’t strike your fancy.

Find Movies by Actor and Type

You can ask Siri to show you movies starring a certain actor and then further constrain your search by type of movie.

For example, say you want to see what action movies Brad Pitt has starred in, you might say, “show me movies starring Brad Pitt” and then “that are action movies”.

Picking a movie will open to its information screen where you see we have options to preview it, buy it, place it on your wish list, or open it in iTunes.

Not all movies will be for sale as they might be available on Netflix or another app you have installed.

Check the Weather

Want to know what the weather is going to be like? Just ask Siri to show you.

Note, there is an arrow pointing upward, which mean you should swipe up to get the complete forecast.

You’re not limited to checking the weather locally, so if you want the forecast in another city, simply ask Siri to show you the weather there.

Watch Episodes of Your Favorite TV Shows

Stop scrolling and clicking when it comes to your favorite content. Now you can just ask Siri to play your favorite TV shows.

In the previous example, we asked Siri to “play Game of Thrones, season 3, episode 2” and it immediately began to play it.

Search for Movies by Genre

If you’re just looking for a comedy to watch, or maybe you’re in the mood for something dramatic, you can as Siri to show you movies by genre.

This is really useful if you know you want to watch something funny or action-packed but aren’t sure exactly what. Note, that when you click on a title, you’ll get the same type of options as with the other movie searches we’ve previously shown.

Check the Time Around the World

Want to know what time it is in London? Ask Siri to check for you.

This function is also available with Siri on the iPhone and Apple Watch as well, so if you own either or all of those devices, then you may already be familiar with them.

Check on Stocks

If you invest in the stock market, then you can check on your investments by asking Siri.

You can check stocks by a specific company, or you can see how the markets did in general such as “how did the stock markets do today”?

Search by Director or Writer

Want to find content by a specific director or writer? Siri can search that for you.

Similar to searching for a movie by name, select and click any of the titles in the list and you will be able to view its page and possibly watch it in iTunes, Netflix, or another entertainment app.

Find Movies by Studio

If you want to find movies by a certain studio, you can ask Siri to show them.

Again, choose a title from the list and it will open its page where you will see a synopsis and view options.

Find Content by Age Group

Need to search for kid-friendly content? No problem, just ask Siri to find movies or TV shows by age group.

As usual, click on a title and you’ll see options to preview, add it to your wish list, buy it, or possibly view it in Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc.

Control Playback

You can control playback using Siri, which extends far beyond the simple play and pause stuff. You can also ask it to skip ahead or rewind a duration, such as if your movie watching was suddenly interrupted and you forgot to pause playback.

For example, if you want to skip ahead, you can ask Siri to “skip ahead [forward] x minutes [seconds or hours]” or you can say “go back [rewind] x minutes [seconds or hours]”.

Launch Applications

Just as with you iPhone and Apple Watch, you can use Siri to launch applications.

Simply say, “open Photos” or “launch Netflix” and the app will open right up.

Repeat What Someone Said

Are you having a hard time understanding a a particular piece of dialog in a TV show or movie? Ask Siri “what did he [she] just say”? and it will automatically rewind 15 seconds.

Find out Who Stars in a Movie or TV Show

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and tried to figure out who a particular actor is? Now you can ask Siri to show you.

So, for example, you’re watching Insomnia and you can’t place an actor’s face. Simply ask Siri, “who starred in Insomnia”? and it will show you.

Ask Questions About Sports

Siri knows sports and can answer many of your sport-related questions such as “what was the score of the Cavaliers game”?

You can ask for far more than scores. You can ask for a team’s record, player stats, upcoming games, and more.

Ask Siri What it Can Search

If you want to know more about what Siri can search for, simply ask.

As you can see from the above screenshot, you have a few other options. You can also find titles by ratings, reviews, dates, character names, and more.

For example, you could ask Siri to find you action movies that are rated PG, or you could have it locate TV shows about Sherlock Holmes.

We’re still tapping into the potential of Siri on the Apple TV, if you know of other things it can do, or if you have a question you would like to pose, please let us know by lending us your feedback in our discussion forum.

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