The newest Apple TV box comes with its own integrated storage so you can download apps and games. Of course, this space is limited and you may find yourself running low after awhile, so today we’ll explain how to free up space.

Apple’s latest Apple TV come with 32 GB and 64 GB of space retailing for $149 and $199, respectively. This isn’t upgradeable and you can’t attach storage so as time goes on, you’ll probably end up facing a low storage warning. We kind of already explained how to do this in a previous article, but today we want to focus on it specifically.

This should be no problem since it’s likely that by the time this happens, you’ll be ready to delete some apps and games you haven’t used in a while.

Managing Space on Your Apple TV

To access your Apple TV’s storage management features, first open the “Settings” from the home screen.

As usual, we need to open the Settings to find the options we want.

If you’re unsure how much storage your device comes with, you can first check it by opening the “About” link from on the General settings screen.

Next to the Model information, you’ll see the model number as well as the integrated capacity. In this case we are working with the 64 GB version.

Back on the General settings screen, scroll down and click open the “Manage Storage” option.

On the storage screen, you will see everything you’ve installed on your system. Everything is arranged from largest to smallest so it is easy to figure out what is taking up the most space.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t yet seem to be a quick, easy way to see how much space you have remaining on your Apple TV. Hopefully Apple will add this in a later tvOS update.

When you want to remove an app or game from your Apple TV, simply select the trash can icon next to it and click the main button on your remote. A handy warning dialog will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to delete or cancel.

Now simply go through all the stuff installed on your Apple TV and remove everything that you no longer want or use. Sadly, the exclusion of an easy way of telling how much storage is remaining seems an unfortunate oversight but there is always hope that Apple will include this in a later Apple TV software update.

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