While you can restart your Apple TV or put it to sleep by diving into the system menu, there’s no need to do so; you can perform these two handy functions right from the remote control.

Why Do I Want To Do This?

Navigating through menus to perform function is tedious. Even though the Apple Remote offers a pretty smooth user experience in terms of menu navigation it’s almost much faster to use simple shortcut key combinations rather than clicking through menu trees with the little track pad.

Although the Apple Remote is pretty basic in terms of buttons (it only sports the trackpad and six buttons) you can easily use button combos to perform core functions like restarting the Apple TV and putting it to sleep: no menu hunting required. Let’s take a look at how to do each now.

Restart Your Apple TV with the Remote

If you need to restart your Apple TV you can always jump into the settings menu and navigate to Settings -> System -> Restart. Not only is that not particularly convenient but if system is acting strange then using a remote key combination might just be the thing that saves you from getting up to manually unplug the unit and power cycling it to restart it.

To restart the Apple TV via the remote simply press and hold the Menu and Home buttons, as seen in the image above, on your remote until the tiny white status light on the front of your Apple TV begins blinking. Release the buttons and the Apple TV will restart.

Sleep Your Apple TV with the Remote

Again, like restarting the Apple TV, you can put the device to sleep with a key press. Instead of navigating to Settings -> Sleep Now to put your Apple TV to sleep you can simply press and hold the Home key.

Unlike the restart combination (which happens automatically) when you press and hold the Home key to put the device to sleep it will prompt you to confirm like so.

Click the center of the trackpad to confirm you want the unit to sleep, and it’s off to low-power slumber mode for your Apple TV.

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