The new Apple TV comes with a ton of features including the ability to manage subscriptions right from your device, which you may find more useful than doing so from iTunes.

In the past, we’ve explained how to cancel your Apple Music subscription, which also covers how to cancel others as well. It’s pretty easy but it’s even better if you can just manage subscriptions from the Apple TV itself.

With the newest version of Apple TV running tvOS, you can manage subscriptions right from the device making it a cinch to add or cancel special channels whenever you want.

To get started, first click on the “Settings” tile on the Apple TV home screen.

From the resulting screen, click the “Accounts” option.

On the Accounts screen, scroll to the bottom and click open “Manage Subscriptions…”.

When prompted, use the remote to enter your password and sign into the iTunes Store.

You will see an overview of your subscriptions, and you can click on any one to see further information pertaining to them.

Here in this example, we’re going to sign up for HBO NOW, which renews monthly at $14.99.

When you try to subscribe, you’ll be asked to confirm or cancel.

Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll be returned to the service’s screen. Note, there’s now a new option you can select. This option will let you turn off automatic renewal, which basically means to cancel. Regardless of when you cancel, you’ll have access to your subscription until the date indicated (December 6th in our example).

When you attempt to turn off automatic renewal, you’ll be once again asked to confirm or cancel.  Again, keep in mind that this won’t outright cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to the service until the date indicated.

You can go through and attend to your other subscriptions as well, such as here with the previously mentioned Apple Music.

Being able to manage subscriptions on the Apple TV is an important feature that will be of great use to many users, particularly those who don’t use iOS devices or Macs, or anyone who simply doesn’t want to deal with iTunes.

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