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With Halloween creeping closer Digiarty Software is doing its bit, particularly through various forms of promotions and sales, to help you dispel Halloween thrills and chills. At the time of writing, a giveaway promo centering on one of Digiarty’s most successful products, WinX DVD Copy Pro, is going well underway. This DVD copy software is specially designed to meet users’ up-to-date DVD backup demand in Windows (10), surprisingly offering up to 9 modes to back up your DVDs.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Halloween Giveaway

The holiday giveaway promo aims to benefit all DVD hoarders in two distinct ways: you can either get a giveaway version of WinX DVD Copy Pro that is deprived of the lifetime free upgrade without spending a penny, or, if you give the upgrade feature a considerable degree of weight, make a purchase of the full version (originally priced $49.95) at a staggeringly low price of $9.95. Whatever the scheme you decide to follow, it is, without any semblance of a doubt, going to allow you to back up your DVDs on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP to your heart’s content.

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If your ultimate choice is to get the giveaway version, there is something you need to know in advance: the software is built with an auto “Check for update” wizard. It may pop up to tell you which version you are using when you launch it for the first time. If you want to continue to use the version being given away, please click “Cancel” to close the window.

Share the Giveaway with Friends, win Lifetime License with Upgrade

However, it is worth mentioning that the lifetime free update might means a lot to those who has got a penchant to buy the latest and hottest movie DVDs. Never before had a DVD copy program claimed to be capable of copying all the newest DVDs without an update as movie companies always scratched their heads trying to figure out a brand new encryption technology to implement on their DVDs. Fortunately for you, there is also another Halloween exclusive presented by Digiarty to let you have the full version of WinX DVD Copy Pro with Upgrade for free, provided that you share this giveaway on your Twitter or Facebook. It’s free and easy!

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9 Refined DVD Backup Modes

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As the biggest selling-point on WinX DVD Copy Pro, the 9 DVD copy modes should, more or less, enter the spotlight to introduce themselves, which can be concisely listed as follows:

  • Clone DVD to DVD – copy D9 to D9 or D5 to D5, keep 1:1 ratio.
  • Clone DVD to ISO image – 1:1 mirroring DVD to ISO image.
  • Back up DVD to VIDEO_TS folder – ready for playback on computer.
  • Copy DVD to MPEG2 File – copy DVD to single MPEG 2 file.
  • DVD Chapter Backup – copy only a certain range of chapters.
  • Extract Video / Audio from DVD movie for particular use.
  • ISO Mounter – create a virtual drive while mounting DVD ISO image.
  • DVD Burner – burn existing ISO image or DVD folder to DVD disc.

With 9 refined DVD backup modes, it is immediately clear that, in terms of utility, WinX DVD Copy Pro oozes quality. Everything taken into consideration, this professional DVD backup application does offer enough sublime contents and irresistible benefits to justify a download or purchase.