If you use Google Calendar but also use Outlook for calendar items as well as email and contacts, you might be looking for a way to keep the two calendars in sync. Look no further. We will show you how to do this using a free tool.

In this article, we will sync entries in a Google Calendar with our Outlook calendar, so the Google Calendar will be the source and the Outlook calendar will be the target. You can also sync Outlook calendar entries with your Google Calendar.

To begin, visit the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” downloads page and download the “ClickOnce Installer” file. It’s a “.application” installation file, rather than a “.exe” or “.msi” installation file. However, it is run the same way, so double-click on the file.

On the “Application Install – Security Warning” dialog box, click “Install”.

NOTE: We installed it and determined it’s a safe program. We wouldn’t recommend an unsafe program.

A progress dialog box displays as the installation progresses.

The “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” splash screen displays briefly.

A “Microsoft Outlook” dialog box displays warning you that a program is trying to access email addres information in Outlook. Select the “Allow access for” check box and select a number of minutes for which you want to allow the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” tool to access your information in Outlook. Click “Allow”.

The “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” dialog box displays with the “Help” tab active. We need to choose calendars, set the sync direction, etc., so click the “Settings” tab.

First, we will select the Outlook calendar we want to sync, or the source. On the “Outlook” subtab on the left, select a calendar from the “Select calendar” drop-down list. If you have multiple calendars in your default mailbox, they will display in this drop-down list.

NOTE: If you have more than one mailbox in Outlook, you can select the “Alternative Mailbox” radio button and select the mailbox containing the calendar you want to sync from the drop-down list.

Now, we’ll select the Google Calendar we want to sync, or the target. Click the “Google” subtab on the left and click “Retrieve Calendars”.

If this is the first time you’re accessing your Google Calendar from within the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” tool, the following webpage opens in your default browser. Click “Accept”.

A webpage with a code displays. Select the code and copy it.

While you were granting the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” tool access to your Google account, the “Authorise Google Access” dialog box displayed. Make this dialog box active, paste the copied code into the “Authorisation Code” edit box, and click “OK”.

You are returned to the “Google” subtab on the “Settings” tab of the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” dialog box. Any calendars associated with your Google account displays in the “Select calendar” drop-down list. Select the calendar you want to sync from the list.

Click the “Sync Options” subtab on the left. In the “How” section, select the direction you want to sync from the “Direction” drop-down list. You can sync your Outlook calendar items to your Google Calendar (“Outlook → Google”) or your Google Calendar items to your Outlook calendar (“Outlook ← Google”). For this example, we selected “Outlook ← Google”.

By default, the “Merge with existing entries” check box and “Disable deletions” check box are selected. The “Merge with existing entries” check box allows you to merge existing entries when there are entries on the same date and at the same time in both calendars. If the “Disable deletions” check box is selected, any entries that were deleted in the source calendar are not deleted from the target calendar.

In the “When” section, specify the date range by selecting the number of “days in the past” and the number of “days in the future”. You can perform a sync automatically at specific intervals, by entering a value in the “Interval” edit box (or using the spinner arrow buttons to select a value) and selecting a unit of time from the drop-down list. If you’re syncing from Outlook to Google Calendar, you can choose to sync any changes made in your Outlook calendar immediately by selecting the “Push Outlook changes immediately” check box.

In the “What” section, indicate which elements of the calendar entries you want to sync by selecting the appropriate check boxes.

To change how the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” tool behaves, click the “Application Behaviour” tab.

The changes you’ve made take effect immediately. However, to save the settings for the next time a sync occurs, click “Save”.

Now that we’ve specified the settings, we will sync the calendars. To do this, click the “Sync” tab.

Click “Start Sync” at the bottom of the dialog box.

The sync progress displays in the text box and the “Sync finished with success!” message displays when the sync is done.

When the sync is finished, a bubble also displays on the notification bar.

To close the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” dialog box, click the “X” button in the upper-rght corner.

Calendar items from your Google Calendar now display in your Outlook calendar.

Currently, two-way sync is not available, but development on this feature has begun.

You can also use a portable version of the “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” tool. To do this, download the “Portable ZIP” file rather than the “ClickOnce Installer”.

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